Returns & Warranties

Returns / Exchanges 

1) Functional/undamaged components may only be returned for credit  when ALL the following conditions are met. 

a) only if the product is returned within 7 days from date of invoice 

b) the product is returned unopened AND without damage to the packaging/seals. Check the product for damage before accepting it.

2) All unwanted returns of ordered items in working order are subject to possible handling fees if the error/issue was not the fault of QC Computers. Check the product specifications and whether or not it satisfies your specific requirements before you decide to purchase.  

a) Products that are returned with missing items (such as manuals, warranty cards, accessories and other materials belonging to that item) will not be credited/refunded.

3) QC Computers cannot be held responsible for incompatibilitiesbetween the item(s) purchased and any of your existing hardware or software that we were not made aware of. 

4) Software & consumables product cannot be returned/exchanged at all under any circumstances.This is due to international licensing conventions used in these products. Consumables are prone to malfunction if not cared for properly. 

5) Opened products still in working order will not be refunded under any circumstances. Check the product for damage before accepting and signing for it. Check the product specifications and whether or not it satisfies your specific requirements beforeyou purchase.  

6) Please take care during component assembly or installation. Physical damage of any kind such as broken clips or bent pins are not covered by the product warranty. Also be aware that many components are sensitive to static damage. Handle with care, always earth yourself first and do not directly touch exposed electronics or the contact points of expansion cards. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean your PC or components. 

7) Motherboard socket damage/bent pins = warranty void, no exceptions.If you are not comfortable with or equipped for PC assembly work, rather allow our technical staff to assemble/install the components for you. 

8) QC Computers can not be held responsible for incorrect, uninformed or incompatible purchase decisions. Please ask a friendly sales person if you are unsure about the specifications or in need of advice. QC Computers can not be held responsible for purchase decisions which later turn out to be incompatible or out-dated. 

Warranty Policy (faulty products): 

- All products are covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, which is normally 1 to 3 yearsfrom the date of invoice. Please check the warranty period and validity with a QC Computers representative beforereturning it to the store. Please check the warranty validity with a representative before shipping a faulty product to QC Computers.

- Any form of physical damage will not be covered by the product warranty. 
Definition of physical damage or user damage: Any part or component that is deemed to have been physically abused/broken/scratched/ bent/dropped/twisted/cracked. Accidental damage is considered physical damage. Water/liquid damage is considered physical damage. Using a component for a purpose other than what it was designed for can be seen as physically damaging it. A common case of physical damage voiding a warranty would be the cables on headsets/mouses, please take care not to damage the cable!

- Liquid cooling components and devices are installed at your own risk! Water/liquid damage to your components will not be covered by local warranties.Removing heat sinks or coolers from graphics cards or chip sets will void your warranty in most cases. Take care not to kink or bend water pipes beyond designed limits. Take care not to damage radiators by screwing the mounting screws in too deep. Inspect your setup for leaks regularly.Keep your PC clean of dust to avoid shorts circuits in case you DO get a leak.

- Lightning or other electrical surge damage will not be covered by the product warranty.
- Blown/burnt caps/ICs are clear signs of surge damage, but sometimes this damage is not as obvious.
- Connecting your devices to incorrect power plugs or other improper voltage supply will also likely cause damage and void the warranty.


- Wear and tear is physical deterioration that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of the normal use of certain types of items such as keyboards, mouses, headsets. Wear and tear will not be covered by the product warranty.Examples would be worn keyboard keys, worn feet on a mouse, squeaking joints, slight cracks on a headset's headband etc.


- Missing/damaged warranty/serial number stickers, screws or any other type of seal will void the warranty. Do not remove any of the stickers or seals on your components or notebook.

- Please do not tamper, disassemble or attempt to repair a faulty product. This will most likely void the warranty.


- Should you have a product that has failed or developed problems during the valid warranty period, please contact us to begin the RMA process. Use email if at all possible so that a complete record of all correspondence exists. You will be provided with a reference number that can be used in all correspondence concerning the item. The acronym RMA stands for "Return Merchandise Authorization".

- A valid proof of purchase directly linked to the item must be presented for us to start the RMA process. (A copy of your QC Computers tax invoice). If you no longer have your invoice, then a serial number for the item must be presented. Serial numbers appear either on the original product packaging or on the product itself.

- If neither a QC Computers tax invoice or a serial number can be presented as proof of purchase we will unfortunately not be able to process the claim!


- Faulty products still under warranty and not physically damaged as stated above will be tested and sent away for repair/replacement.If a product is out of stock or cannot be repaired, store credit will be provided.

- Faulty products will in most cases not be replaced immediately in the store as this is simply not the way RMA and warranties work in our industry. If a product has failed within 7 days of purchase an immediate replacement can be arranged if we have stock and if the problem is easily replicated. Otherwise it will go through the normal RMA process.

- The normal RMA process takes about 2 weeks. Please understand that if the problem/fault cannot be easily replicated by our technicians the process might be delayed. E.g. When the fault is very intermittent or actually caused by something else entirely.

- Please check with a QC Computers representative if your notebook/printer has a fetch-repair warranty or a carry in warranty. Faulty notebooks/printers and other devices with fetch and repair or "on-site" warranties will require that you as the customer contact the appropriate agent directly to begin the process of RMA collection from your premises. You are welcome to contact QC Computers to assistyou with initiating this process. 

- QC Computers cannot be held responsible for any loss of user data on standalone storage devices or notebook/tablet storage devices that were sent in for RMA. Remember to backup your important data at all times.


- Data recovery is not covered by any warranty - please ensure your important data is backed up to a external device or an online cloud storage service before the unit is brought in as storage devices can and do fail. QC Computers cannot recover data from storage devices that have failed completely.

- QC Computers cannot be held responsible for storage device data-loss due to hardware failure or viral infection while undergoing assessment/cleaning in our workshop. Remember to backup your important data at all times to an external device or an online cloud storage service. 

- QC Computers cannot be held responsible should a suspect/faulty item fail completely while undergoing testing in the workshop.

- Software failure/corruption/viral damage are not covered by warranties. Software troubleshooting and virus removal will be charged at our current hourly labor rate. Ensure that you at least protect your data with a reputable up-to-date anti-virus program.


- "Lifetimes warranties" are valid for the lifetime of the product only (As long as the product is manufactured). 

- Unfortunately, we do not have loan units to lend to RMA customers.

- All shipping costs will be up to the customer if a product turns out NOT to be faulty or no longer under warranty. 

- Shipping costs will be up to the customer if a product was not originally shipped by QC Computers. For example when the customer used his/her own courier or colected the item directly from our store.



- Notes regarding audio quality where headphones/speakers are concerned: Audio quality is by nature very subjective. Audio quality is also dependent on the quality of the input sources and codecs used. A headset/speaker must be shown to clearly be faulty (pops, missing sounds, softer on one side etc...). QC Computers cannot RMA an item just because of a perceived shortfall in the expected quality of the audio. 

- Notes regarding wireless (WiFi) reception/range: Wireless signals are subject to interference from a variety of environmental conditions/sources. Brick walls, noisy electronic devices, electrical wiring and other factors can and will contribute to reduce the expected range/quality of the signals involved. QC Computers cannot guarantee the range and quality of wireless networks on your premises. 


- Notes regarding overclocking: Please realize that there is a certain risk involved with overclocking, including adjusting the setting in the BIOS or using the third-party overclocking tools. Overclocking may affect your system stability, affect the longevity or even cause damage to the components and devices of your system. It should be done at your own risk and expense. We are not responsible for possible damage caused by overclocking. Using modified/hacked firmware will void your warranty.




Contact Details: 


Tel: 072 912 3814

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Retail store/shipping physical address: 

Please check the warranty validity with a representative before shipping a faulty product to QC Computers. 

20 Mooimeisie Street




Trading Hours: 

We are open Mondays – Fridays from 8:30 to 17:30, Saturdays and Public Holidays from 9:00 to 13:00. 

Closed on Easter, Christmas and New Year. 




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